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We understand that your Human Resources department is challenged with bringing the right talent into the organization.
We can help you meet this challenge with our world class Professional Recruiting Services.
F U T U R Z is powered with people, tools and methodology to recruit the best workforce for your permanent and contract needs.

The costs associated with hiring can be overwhelming. Even more staggering are the costs associated with bad hires and employee turnover.
Time and again, Futurz has proved to be the trusted service provider and advisor to our clients in meeting their recruiting goals, and reducing the cost of hiring.
Our methodology and recruiting processes are designed to help us select and implement the best candidate sourcing to suit your staffing needs.
Our standard recruiting process includes the following core tasks.

Job Definition (Description, Duties, Skills, experience)
Advertising in various job posting sites with nation wide coverage
Candidate CV search in various resume banks
Credential Review Initial screening (Phone, Personal)
Reference checks
Candidate activity tracking and facilitation.

We don’t follow a cookie cutter approach for professional recruiting. We work with your internal recruiters and/or hiring managers to understand your procedures, policies, operations, business cycles and corporate culture. We then will develop a customized recruiting strategy that best fits your environment. Our goal is to increase your productivity and we are committed to positioning as your strategic partner. We will act as the extended recruiting force of your company thus simplifying your hiring process.